Cyprus Hand Surgery



» First certified Surgeon in Cyprus with the prestigious European Diploma in Hand Surgery

» Superspecialist in reconstruction of the spastic hand and reanimation of the paralytic hand

» Experienced Consultant for the Salford Royal Hospital (NHS)

» Surgery possibility in Paphos and Manchester(UK) (NHS patients only)

» Entire surgery is performed by Dr. Kritiotis in the private sector


Salford Royal (Manchester - UK)

Salford Royal the major trauma center in Greater Manchester, and aims to be the safest organization in the NHS.

Iasis Private Hospital (Paphos - Cyprus)

Iasis Private Hospital has strived to create a model medical establishment manned with highly qualified doctors and staff. It is equiped with the latest high technology equipment.

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Visit to Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Dr Kritiotis visited the Swiss Paraplegic Centre and Professor Jan Friden for the week beginning August 10. The aim of the visit was the creation of the Cypriot Branch of Tetrahand (Tetrahand Cyprus). The aim of the Tetrahand Procedures are to give back upper limb function to tetraplegic patients. Please visit and Tetrahand Cyprus for more information

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European Diploma in Hand Surgery

Applying for the European Board of Hand Surgery Diploma Examination requires meeting strict conditions, such as submitting a log book completing all the questionnaires included. By reviewing the submitted documents, the Committee can decide if the applicant fulfills these requirements. Basic criteria is a speciality in orthopeadics or plastic surgery and a minimum of 2 years activity in one of the accreditated hand surgery centers. It is important to have…

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